Nikki Vicious . com


Height: 5'2
Weight: Approx. 110
Eye Color: Brown (natural) / Sapphire Blue and Ash Grey (contacts)
Hair Color: Blue to Purple ombre
Piercings: 2 in each ear // nostril // "Monroe" piercing (top lip, like Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark) // septum // labret // left lower lip // lower right lip // one dermal on each collar bone// three in cleavage.
Tattoos: Back, on spine between shoulder blades, japanese symbol for "Wished For" with 3 stars // right wrist - 3 "lucky" stars // front hips - 2 black stars // Back of Neck, on spine, Japanese symbol for "older sister" with stars // 2 pink/black nautical stars on shoulders/collarbones // Script on left collar bone "Slightly bruised and broken" // Scipt on right collarbone "Nothing Gold Can Stay" // Script on left wrist "Jason" // Script with flourishes on left upper inside bicep "Bella Bugia" (Beautiful Lie in Italian) // Devil geisha portrait on left outer bicep // Left arm, just above elbow, Yellow rose of Texas, with Texas shield // Left outer arm, script with stars, "Push Past" // Left inside arm, script, "We are all made of stars" // Left inside arm, molecule strain that spells out "I am star stuff" // Right hand, on side of hand, "Trust No One" // Left hand, on side of hand, script "Paradise" // Back, across shoulder, script with flourishes "That's the best thing a girl can be in this world, A Beautiful Damn Fool"


Styles I will shoot (will consider TFP): Casual // Fashion // Swimwear // //Fantasy // Glamour // Pin Up/Retro/Vintage // Car/Bike Shows
Styles I will shoot (paid only):Implied // Topless // Playboy style nude // Fine Art Nude // Any fetish work


Music Genres: hip hop/top 40 // EDM // Rock // Country
Skills: LED Poi // LED Hula Hoop // Pole // Some Lyra // Cage Gogo // Shadowbox Gogo

Other Availability

Hostess // Door girl // Cocktail Waitress // Emcee/Announcer // Actress // Music Video appearances // Promotional appearances // Car/Bike Show Model // Bikini Car/Bike Wash Model